SketchUp BIM: Building Information Modeling in SketchUpSketchUp BIM: Building Information Modeling in SketchUpSketchUp BIM: Building Information Modeling in SketchUpSketchUp BIM: Building Information Modeling in SketchUpSketchUp BIM: Building Information Modeling in SketchUpSketchUp BIM: Building Information Modeling in SketchUp


SketchUp BIMSketchUpBIM

Product Features

1. Create Elements

Architectural and Structural engineering elements can be created using a single click with SketchUpBIM tools. SketchUpBIM provides tools to create the following elements: (1) Walls (2) Columns (3) Beams (4) Slabs (5) Openings

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2. Parametric Modeling

SketchUpBIM allows users to enter parameters to define architectural elements. These parameters are used by SketchUpBIM to create the entire profile of the architectural element. For example, a rectangular concrete column can be represented by its length, breath, and height. SketchUpBIM allows its users to enter these parameters; and then provides the ability to draw such columns with a single click on the SketchUp interface..

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3. Floors and Levels

Floors or levels of building structures can be pre-defined using SketchUpBIM tools. This helps users to create their walls, columns, beams, and slabs on each floor. The columns and walls automatically extend from the level on which they are drawn to the floor below it. The beams and slabs automatically snap to the top elevation of the floor. This greatly reduces the total time that is required to model building and engineering structures.

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4. Grids

SketchUpBIM provides a powerful grid generator tool. Grid lines can be created in the horizontal and vertical directions. Grid lines can be separated at periodic or non-periodic intervals. Multiple grid-lines can also be created using the “@” sign on the SketchUpBIM grid dialog. Grid lines automatically snap to the floor or level on which the geometry is being created to assist the user in accurate creation of the building model.

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5. Units

Units in SketchUpBIM have been designed to work like all other elements in Google SketchUp.
SketchUp BIM SketchUp BIM

If units are not explicitly entered, SketchUpBIM tools use the default SketchUp model units. However, if units are entered with input values, then these entered units over-ride default model units. This procedure for entering units is similar to all other elements in SketchUp (like Line Tool and Rectangle Tool), and allows both Imperial and Metric conventions. For additional information, watch the Advanced Tutorial.

6. Materials

Concrete and Steel materials are available in the current version of SketchUpBIM. SketchUpBIM allows its users to render these materials on the drawn architectural elements. This also means that both concrete and steel shape types can be drawn. The current version supports wide flange steel shapes, and rectangular and circular shapes for concrete.

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7. Tolerance

Snap capability is available for SketchUpBIM tools. The user can change the snap tolerance, and also pick and choose the elements on which the snap tolerance shall apply. Such control over the snap tolerance is very useful to model in complex geometries situation, such as over-lapping elements and / or co-incidence of a large number of elements.

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8. Time To Market

SketchUpBIM provides simple tools that cut-down the total time required to create building models. Increase in productivity of upto 300% can be expected using SketchUpBIM tools! Elements created using SketchUpBIM are fully compatible with all other geometry and operations of Google SketchUp. SketchUpBIM elements are stored and restored in SketchUp files like all other geometry and elements.

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